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Whether you come to us or we come to you, SafePlans has a team of instructors that possess real world experience and a passion for teaching. Our team has developed and conducted hundreds of training sessions and exercises and can develop a training curriculum that meets your needs.

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Emergency Preparedness

Prepared with SafePlans, helps industries comply with emergency preparedness mandates.  The elements of this program are backed by all leading federal preparedness and response agencies.

Situational Awareness

Learn how to improve Situational Awareness for your team.
Situational Awareness is what allows you to recognize the early signs of danger in order to prevent violence or at least mitigate an attack.  More of an attitude than a hard skill, Situational Awareness is the ability to identify and process information about what is happening around you.

Emergency Decision Making

This decision making skill is an asset in any critical situation.

The OODA Loop, developed by Air Force Colonel John Boyd, will help when making a decision during an emergency.  OODA, or Observe, Orient, Decide & Act is a decision making process that occurs in a loop which changes as events unfold.  As the situation changes, repeat the loop.

Survival Options

Learn how to apply these options to any environment.
When you believe you are dealing with a violent intruder, you will need to have a plan of action.  The plan does not need to be complex.  The Department of Homeland Security’s RUN / HIDE / FIGHT Survival Options are effective and easy to remember.

Predicting Workplace Behaviors

Learn how to apply these options to any environment.

Preventing active killer events can be complicated and tragically imperfect. Threat assessment programs are highly effective at predicting violence; however, they require the observation and reporting of concerning behavior.

Overcoming Extreme Survival Stress

Learn how to prevent and overcome Extreme Survival Stress.


“Fight or Flight” is the common phrase for our response to a situation that is perceived as a threat to survival.  However, when fear or panic is thrown into the mix, a third freeze response can occur.  A better way to describe the physiological process of “Fight or Flight” is Extreme Survival Stress.

Active Shooter Response

Learn vital components associated with active shooter defense.


In an active shooter situation there is precious and little time to act. Our Active Shooter Defense Program is a measured approach to implementing active killer prevention and reponse best practices. 

And Much More!

With our ERIP Administration training you will have access to:

Emergency Planning Delvelopement

Tactical Site Mapping

Security Assessments / Safety Audits

Course Take Aways

Prepareness technology for all…

ERIP Mobile App with Licenses

Custom Emergency Plan

Safety Assessment

Emergency Response Training Course

Active Shooter Response Training Course

15 Quick Reference Cards

Train With Us

and Leave With A Plan….

From Hi-tech to No-tech. Our ERIP app addresses your critical preparedness needs through integrated online planning, training and access to tactical response information and much more!

Better Plans In Less Time

Our Emergency Response Information Portal, or ERIP guides you, step by step through developing your emergency plans.  Have questions or need assistance?  SafePlans has helped thousands of organizations develop their emergency plans.

We Have an App for That

ERIP is easy to use and implement.  Simply create an account for each employee and they have instant access to your emergency plans and emergency notifications.  Need to update or change your plan?  Log in and update.  It is that simple!

Need Plans For Multiple Locations?

ERIP was designed to support enterprise needs by linking core planning information and allowing managers to compartmentalize information by user role and location.  Each of your facilities will have their own plan that is connected to your enterprise preparedness solutions.

High Tech to No Tech

Plans are available via secure internet, mobile app and print.