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The SafePlans Academy Training Overview, described below, provides information about the emergency preparedness and response educational options which are available for many industries. Whether you come to us or we come to you, SafePlans has a team of instructors that possess real world experience and a passion for teaching. Our emergency preparedness and response training team has developed and conducted hundreds of training sessions and exercises. If you require custom eLearning, we will glady develop a training curriculum that meets your specific needs.

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SafePlans Academy Training Overview – Emergency Preparedness

The SafePlans Academy Training Overview is a program which provides highly comprehensive emergency preparedness and recovery instruction. The most effectve way to achieve successful emergency planning management, is to be well prepared for disasters and dangerous intruders, like active shooters. Based upon best practices, the training SafePlans provides is designed to help prepare you for, respond to, and recover from emergencies, By design, the training also helps industries comply with emergency preparedness mandates. The elements of this program are backed by all leading federal preparedness and response agencies.

Situational Awareness

Learn how to improve Situational Awareness for your team.
Included in the SafePlans Academy Training Overview is a course on Situational Awareness. Understaning situational awareness is critical because it allows you to recognize the early signs of danger in order to prevent violence or at least mitigate an attack. More of an attitude than a hard skill, Situational Awareness is the ability to identify and process information about what is happening around you.

Emergency Decision Making

This decision making skill is an asset in any critical situation.

SafePlans Academy Training Overview also includes training regarding The OODA Loop. The OODA Loop was developed by Air Force Colonel John Boyd, Understanding the elements of this loop will help you make better decisions when faced with any emergency. OODA, or Observe, Orient, Decide & Act is a decision making process that occurs in a loop. When an emergency occurs, the parts of the loop changes as the events unfold. You will learn how to best utilize the parts of the OODA Loop as emergency situations change.

Survival Options

Learn how to apply these options to any environment.
When you believe you are dealing with a violent intruder and/or threat of an active shooter, you will need to have a highly effective emergency plan of action. The emergency preparedness, response and recovery plan does not need to be complex. Included in the SafePlans Academy Training Overview is AlerT- which stands for “Assess, lockdown, evade, resist, and Tell”. 

Predicting Workplace Behaviors

Learn how to apply these options to any environment.

In emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery, it is critical to have knowledge about preventing active killer events. Predicting dangerous workplace behaviors can be complicated and tragically imperfect. Threat assessment programs are highly effective at predicting possible workplace violence. Within the SafePlans Academy Training Overview, you will be taught how to observe and report on dangerous behaviors exhibited within the workplace.

Overcoming Extreme Survival Stress

Learn how to prevent and overcome Extreme Survival Stress.

“Fight or Flight” is the common phrase for our response to a situation that is perceived as a threat to survival. However, when fear or panic is thrown into the mix, a third freeze response can occur. A better way to describe the physiological process of “Fight or Flight” is Extreme Survival Stress. The SafePlans Academy Training Overview you will be trained on how to recognize extreme survival stress and ways to overcome physical responses to threats.

Active Shooter Response

Learn vital components associated with active shooter response.

In an active shooter situation there is precious and little time to act. The AlerT Active Shooter Defense Training Program, within SafePlans Academy Training Overview, is a measured approach to implementing active killer prevention and response best practices.

And Much More!

With our ERIP Administration training you will have access to:

Emergency Planning Delvelopement

Tactical Site Mapping

Security Assessments / Safety Audits

Course Take Aways

Prepareness technology for all…

ERIP Mobile App with Licenses

Custom Emergency Plan

Safety Assessment

Emergency Response Training Course

Active Shooter Response Training Course

15 Quick Reference Cards

SafePlans Emergency Planning, Preparedness, Response and Recovery Training

An untested and untrained emergency plan is little more than a theory.

SafePlans has a team of emergency management instructors which possess real world experience and a passion for teaching people how to survive disasters, dangerous intruders, and activie shooters. The SafePlans team has developed and conducted hundreds of training sessions and emergency exercises for organizations through out the U.S.  If you require a custom curriculum, we can develop unique training courses for you that will meet your needs.


Security Assessments
Threat Assessment
Workplace Violence


Continuity of Operations (COOP) Critical Incident Team Training

Prevention Protection Mitigation Response and Recovery


Intruder Response/Active Shooter Training
Tactical Decision Making/Critical Thinking in an Emergency


Plan Development/Maintenance Emergency Drills
Tabletop Functional Full-Scale Exercises


Security Assessments
Threat Assessment
Workplace Violence

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