Threat Assessment – Predicting Violent Behavior in Schools

Training Options and Resources

Threat Assessment Seminar Trainings

SafePlans offers 60 to 90 minute threat assessment seminars to focus on educating staff how to recognize warning signs. Content includes: 

A threat assessment examines potentially violent behavior with the goal of determining the degree of dangerousness. Threat assessments are highly effective in the prevention of an insider attack, so long as concerning behavior is reported.


Instructor-Led Training

This training in threat identification, threat assessment and case management is based on United Stated Secret Service and FBI resources. This one to two hours course covers the following content:

  • Making A Threat Vs. Posing A Threat
  • Define “Dangerousness” Using J.A.C.A.
  • Discuss The Secret Service “Bystander” Report And Its Implications
  • Identify Potential Threat Assessment Team Members 
  • Identify Information Reporting And Storage Procedures 
  • Complete Practical Exercise Procedures

The focus of a threat assessment is not if a person makes a threat; but if they pose a threat. Threat assessment team training and resources help to ensure warning signs are not ignored and proactive strategies are enacted.

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We had an amazing turn out at our free threat assessment webinar for schools. Per the request of several attendees, we have created this replay. 

Download the free resources that were available during the webinar. Enjoy and stay safe!

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