It is one thing to view online training.  It is another to recall that training under high stress; like an active shooter incident.  In our ongoing commitment to develop life-saving strategies, SafePlans has developed a Quick Reference Card (QRC) to support our national active shooter prevention and survival training program.   The Cards reinforce training concepts and increase retention; thereby enhancing response.

Free rapid-E-learning training courses and the order forms for QRC’s are available at   While the online training compliments the QRC’s, it has tremendous stand-alone value. Developed by Brad Spicer, CEO of SafePlans and former SWAT team member, the training is based upon national best practices as identified by U.S. Homeland Security, U.S Department of Education, FEMA and numerous law enforcement agencies.

Prior to detailing the Run-Hide-Fight options, the online training introduces situational awareness and tactical decision-making. These concepts are explained using Cooper’s Color Codes and the OODA Loop, which have been tested and proven by military and law enforcement agencies.

cooper training

Before you can respond to a threat, you have to be aware it exits. This is situational awareness. Situational awareness, and your mindset, are your primary resources in surviving an attack. Cooper’s Color Codes assigns a degree of danger to a situation and your mental ability to do something about it.   Being aware of your environment not only helps in response, it can help you identify potential danger before it is too late.   Remember, See Something-Say Something.

OODA TrainingOnce you recognize an attack or potential threat, the ability to make decisions is key. The OODA Loop, developed by Air Force Colonel John Boyd will help. Observe, Orient, Decide & Act occurs in a loop that changes as events unfold.   As the situation changes, repeat the loop.

options 1Situational awareness and the OODA Loop will prepare you to make rapid and informed Run-Hide-Fight decision.   The training details each options and when it may be appropriate based upon your level of contact, location and responsibilities.

cardQRC’s are designed to reinforce the online training and provide pocket-sized piece of mind to employees and leaders. Order QRC’S today and view the free online training anytime.

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