Statewide Emergency Preparedness Program for K-12 Schools

Delaware’s Comprehensive State School Safety Program serves approximately 135,000 students, 15,000 educational staff in over 250 public schools across the state.

State School Safety Program

Delaware Comprehensive School Safety Program

More than Five Years Later

For more than five years, SafePlans has assisted Delaware in transitioning from a fragmented and disconnected school safety approach to implementing the one of the nation’s most comprehensive all-hazards emergency preparedness programs.

With SafePlans’ Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP), all Delaware schools comply with legal mandates of the Onmibus School Safety Act and maintain all elements of their Comprehensive School Safety Plan. As a result, Delaware schools are even safer.

SafePlans recently renewed their contract with the state of Delaware, following a formal request for proposal process.

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“I would recommend SafePlans to any school or institution that needs to enhance their safety protocols and standardize their responses assuring the students and clients receive the best protection available.”

Evelyn Brown

Director of Comprehensive School Safety Program (CSSP), Delaware State

Comprehensive School Safety Plan

Background of State School Safety Program

In September of 2012, the Omnibus School Safety Act was signed by the Governor of Delaware, Jack Markell. The Omnibus School Safety Act required schools and districts to implement a standardized system for emergency plans to help prevent and prepare for threatening safety situations.

The Department of Safety and Homeland Security officials were instructed to develop a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan that complied with National Incident Management System (NIMS) and provided a best-practice framework for all schools within the State of Delaware. 

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Implementation of State School Safety Program

SafePlans was selected to provide the technology, consulting services, and training needed to support the intent of this new legislation.   SafePlans worked with the DE Department of Safety and Homeland Security (DSHS), public safety agencies and districts across the state to determine the content of the plans, assessments, and related training and eLearning courses.

The Delaware Office of Safety and Homeland Security Regualrly Recognizes Shool Districts for Their Preparedness Efforts

The Delaware Office of Safety and Homeland Security Regualrly Recognizes Shool Districts for Their Preparedness Efforts


Working hand-in-hand with the team from DE OSHS, SafePlans provided training on ERIP, emergency plan development, Security Awareness For Educators (SAFE), Active Shooter Defense training, and tabletop exercises to every district and school.

The team was able to achieve full statewide implementation and standardization in just nine months.  While no program is a guarantee of school safety, the results speak for themselves.  Every school’s emergency plan is updated annually, staff are regualrly trained, drills are conducted and reported, plus, state and local public safety have secure access to school emergency plans and “intelligent” or searchable floor plans.  

Looking to implement a statewide multi-hazard emergency plan system? 

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