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An all-hazards emergency preparedness solution

From Hi-tech to No-tech. The ERIP app addresses your critical preparedness needs through integrated online planning, training and access to tactical response information plus much more!

CMS Preparedness

Better Plans In Less Time

Our Emergency Response Information Portal, or ERIP guides you, step by step through developing your emergency plans.  Have questions or need assistance?  SafePlans has helped thousands of schools and districts develop their emergency plans.

Emergency Planning...Simplified

ERIP is easy to use and implement.  Simply create an account for your staff and they have instant access to your emergency plans and emergency notifications.  Need to update or change your plan?  Log in and update.  It is that simple!

Need Plans For Multiple Locations?

ERIP was designed to support enterprise needs by linking core planning information and allowing schools districts to compartmentalize information by user role and location. Each of your facilities will have their own plan that is connected to your enterprise preparedness solutions.

High Tech to No Tech

Plans are available via secure internet, mobile app and print.

Emergency Plans

Whether you are just getting started, in need of an update, or looking for a platform to deliver your existing program, SafePlans can help.

Access your plans from your tablet or phone even when Wi-Fi and cell signals are not available.

Conduct customized assessments in real-time with the SafePlans’ ERIP app

Easily schedule, report, and track emergency drills.

Communicate with contact groups such as safety teams, management, and public safety agencies with mass messaging.


Identify hazards and track compliance.

Create and update assessments on the fly and disseminate changes to mobile users.
Built-in training and collaboration tools help achieve standardization across multiple locations and different users.
Identify, track, and report compliance criteria such as drills, reports, and training online with the app.
Assessments are available online, in print, and via the mobile app.


Share Critical Response Information

Enhance public safety response times by providing public safety agencies site specific information.
Comply with reporting mandates regarding facility information such as fire alarms, hazardous materials, and utility shutoff/hookup information.
Site mapping data is available via secure internet, mobile-optimized, and in printable PDF guidebooks.


Know your roles and responsibilties in an Emergency

Train staff with the pre-filled library of OnDemand interactive eLearning courses.

Built-in tracking to report user training and compliance.  

Ability to create custom eLearning courses. 

Course quizzes are available and a certificate of completion can be printed upon passing.


Easily manage emergency drills

Real Time

ERIP drill management systems makes it easier than ever to schedule, track, and manage your emergency drills – in real time.


Login from your desktop, or open the ERIP app on your mobile device to view which drills have been scheduled, completed and/or overdue.

Add and Edit

By design the system makes it easy for you to update, manage, and maintain all of drills you are required to perform.

Alert others

Scheduled drills can be shared with all staff and local response agencies. As soon as upcoming drills have been scheduled, you can easily set Reminders to be sent to the appropriate people.

SAFE Reports

SAFE Reports is an anonymous reporting tool where students, school staff and community members are empowered to anonymously (if they chose) report suspicious activity, behavior or statements that could lead to the harm of individual or groups of students.

The SAFE case management system provides collaboration and tracking with alerts to make sure no report goes unresolved.

Emergency Preparedness ERIP “Extras”

ERIP addresses critical preparedness needs through integrated online planning, training, and access to tactical response information. Click each icon for an overview of our ERIP “extras”.

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