School is out. Now what?

As the end of the school year approaches, administrators, educators, and emergency managers will be working diligently to prepare for next year – including efforts to improve school safety.

But with so many other responsibilities – from developing curriculum to scheduling facilities maintenance – where do you start? And what tasks can your team complete, as a whole, to ensure improvements are made?

Use our School Emergency Preparedness Summer Checklist to help you prepare.

Preparedness is an ongoing process. At SafePlans, we understand that school safety and security can be overwhelming – even for the experts. So, in an attempt to further our mission of protecting good people from bad things, our team put together this comprehensive School Emergency Preparedness Summer Checklist. While this list may not be all-inclusive – it is a great place to start.

Our checklist outlines some role-specific, proactive measures that your school district can take – ensuring your communities are safer and more prepared going into the new school year!

See how your team can use it to prepare!

School Emergency Preparedness Summer Checklist

Need help? Prepare with SafePlans, this Summer!

While our checklist is a great starting point – you may realize that your team simply does not have time to cross all the items off the list.

SafePlans can help!

Our preparedness technology and unmatched experience streamlines the emergency preparedness process – allowing you to devote more time to education (and maybe actually take some time off this summer!).  Our Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) was designed with the specific purpose of helping organizations implement better emergency plans – in less time.

Watch the video below to see how you can leverage ERIP to complete all of your preparedness tasks for the summer.


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