September may be nationally recognized as preparedness month, but waiting for September is not really an option for school districts.  While preparedness is a year-round cycle, July and August are the right time to focus on efforts to make the next school year and safer!  The calendar below outlines some basic strategies we recommend to our K-12 clients.  While this list may not be all inclusive to meet the preparedness needs of your schools, it is a great place to start.

At SafePlans, we know preparedness can be a challenge.  Our preparedness technology and unmatched experience streamlines this process; allowing you to devote more time to education (and maybe actually take some time off this summer!).  Our Emergency Response Information Portal or ERIP solution was designed with the specific purpose of helping organisations implement better emergency plans in less time.

Emergency preparedness is what we do and we would love the opportunity to discuss ways to help make your schools even safer and more prepared.

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