Assess Your School’s Level of Active Threat Prevention and Response. 

SafePlans’ AlerT (Assess, lockdown, evade, resist, Tell) Active Threat Risk Assessments for schools are designed to supplement an all-hazards safety & security audit –  focusing on the measures protecting schools from human-based risks, such as an active shooter.

Understand Your School’s Threat Protection to Establish
Improvement Priorities

Because not all security measures provide the same level of protection, the AlerT school threat assessment “score” is based on SafePlans’ proprietary evaluation system. This system assigns a higher value to security measures that are more likely to save lives – compared to less critical security measures.

For example, a full-time School Resource Officer is given a considerably higher security value than video surveillance.

How to Calculate Your School’s Security Score

The recommended AlerT school threat assessment values are listed below as the “Security Value Multiplier.”

Each of the areas above are assigned a value of 1 to 10 – with 10 being the highest. This value is then multiplied by the appropriate security value multiplier.

Total scores are added together and divided by the maximum possible ratings – determining the final score or percentage. Scoring for each area is based off a rubric, providing a range of examples.


SafePlans is not a predictor of violence nor a guarantor of safety. All security and emergency planning efforts should be coordinated with, and validated by, local public safety agencies.

Get Your Copy of the AlerT Active Threat Risk Assessment for Schools

The excel sheet (accessed through the button below) is for demonstration purposes and does not reflect an actual SafePlans assessment. Scoring is subjective to the assessor’s experience and reflects only the observations at the time of the assessment.

This survey does not assess all hazards and should be implemented as part of a larger safety, security and emergency readiness program.

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