SafePlans has updated the emergency plan mobile app provided to all Missouri schools by the Missourilogo Mo1Pl Office of Homeland Security.  The app is part of the Missouri 1Plan all-hazards preparedness program that is provided at no charge to all Missouri public and private K-12 schools.

Since 2006, the Office of Homeland Security, has contracted with SafePlans, to provide the ERIP software, emergency plans and online training courses that comprise the Missouri 1Plan.  This custom mobile app (Android and iOS) is the latest update in the State’s ongoing efforts to help schools prepare for all-hazards emergencies.

Missouri 1Plan is a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Safety Act Designated solution that allows schools to create and maintain all-hazards emergency plans, train staff via eLearning courses and allows first responders access to tactical site mapping information such as floor plans and digital images.  The Missouri 1Plan app provides off-line access to emergency plans and allows schools to rapidly utilize emergency contact lists and their devices phone and messaging capabilities.

“We provide an all-hazards preparedness solution that helps protect good people from bad things.”  Explains Brad Spicer, a former sergeant with the Missouri State Highway Patrol and CEO of SafePlans. “The app provides instant access to emergency plans when they are needed – where they are needed.”

In addition to access to emergency plans, the app also allows group messaging and the reporting of drills and critical incidents and the completion of comprehensive security assessments.

Access to Missouri 1Plan is restricted and to be able to use the app,Missouri school districts and private schools must first register for the free Missouri 1Plan system.  Once registered, schools may customize their emergency plans and create access accounts for all school personnel.

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