SafePlans recently completed a series of tabletop exercises designed to test Klein ISD’s ability to prevent and respond to an active shooter type attack.  Klein is among the numerous school districts through the greater Houston and Harris County region that utilize SafePlans all-hazards emergency preparedness solution and mobile app and have implemented SafePlans’ active shooter defense training.


SafePlans’ Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) all-hazards preparedness solution.









Press release from Klein ISD follows:


Klein ISD implements active shooter training

KLEIN, TX – On Nov. 17 – 18, 2015, Klein ISD hosted tabletop exercises for campus principals and those administrators who oversee safety and security at the campus. Brad Spicer and Chris Powell from SafePlans conducted the training. SafePlans is an Active Shooter Training plan designed to create disaster preparedness. There were four sessions over the course of the two days.


“As a leader in a public school, our responsibility to ensure safety is a top priority, and being trained by a professional group among all of our district administration has been invaluable,” Brill Elementary principal Dayna Hernandez said.  “The modules, table top exercises, and time to collaborate with other administrators aligns our practices with safety measures. Our training modules have been on-going, and followed up with time to complete written plans, and then share interactively with our staff.”


The training was based upon a fictional incident whereby students posed threats and an active shooter incident occurred. Participants had to analyze the situation, consider their threat assessment protocols and how they would respond to the situation given the various dynamics.


“As mentioned in the training, it is better to know now where your strengths and weaknesses are as opposed to finding out during the actual event,” Ulrich Intermediate principal Jeffrey Bailey said. “I feel as a campus we are better prepared today to handle different situations on our campus than ever before thanks to the leadership of Klein ISD and the help of SafePlans.”


The sessions were designed to create a no-fault learning environment to test campus and district responses in relation to their emergency operation plans. Feedback from the participants was positive and the training provided an opportunity for open dialogue and feedback for administrators throughout the district.

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