Train the Trainer Program and Resources for Law Enforcement

Helping Your Community Prepare

Most active shooter-type attacks end before law enforcement can help. Our train-the-trainer programs for law enforcement provide local experts with the resources they need to help protect good people from bad things.

Our programs provide a holistic approach to the an active shooter threat by addressing prevention, protection, mitigation, response and recovery. SafePlans programs have helped schools, faith-based organizations and businesses all over the nation to establish the standards of care in active shooter defense as outlined by the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Training, Resources and More

Our typical engagement with law enforcement partners is not typical at all.

How it works: We begin with 16-hours of instruction and knowledge transfer.

Our instructors then spend two days in your community helping to customize the training and deliver the first few courses (which are the hardest) with an experienced trainer there to help!

Organizations trained in your community will have access to SafePlans eLearning courses and resources. All instructors have full access to our resource portal which include the very latest in course material, videos, and resources.

Threat Assessment

Imagine an active shooter-type attack as an “X” on a timeline. Everything after “X’ is response and everything before “X” is our opportunity to prevent the attack.  Mass killers do not just snap. The warning signs are as obvious as water coming to a boil; if you are in a position to observe them and know what to look for.

Schools, businesses, and and faith-based organizations can implement threat assessment programs to predict and thereby prevent violence. SafePlans has worked with states, businesses and school districts across the nation to implement effective and sustainable world-class violence prevention training programs which help schools get before “X.”

Anonymous Reporting – SAFE Reports

Students, school staff and community members are empowered to anonymously (if they choose) report suspicious activity, behavior or statements that could lead to the harm of individual or groups of students.

With ERIPs SAFE Reports appropriate school staff member(s) are immediately notified, including first responders via text message, email and an ERIP app push notification.

The SAFE case management system provides collaboration and tracking with alerts to make sure no report goes unresolved.

Train School-Based Security Officers

It is important to understand the overarching goals and abilities of security. In the simplest of terms, the purposes are simply prevention and mitigation.

Better secured facilities can prevent undesired entry by presenting a more positive security image.

When prevention fails, the security should mitigate an intruder’s ability to enter the facility. This should create a delay that provides staff time to call 911 and implement intruder response plans.

Emergency Preparedness is More Than Training. We Can Help!

ERIP- Emergency Preparedness Simplified

ERIP (your Emergency Response Information Portal) has it all when it comes to emergency preparedness.


ERIP covers emergency preparedness from A to Z. From emergency plans, to emergency drills, tactical site mapping, to assessments, eLearning and much more!


Develop, share and maintain emergency plans for a single site or multiple locations.


Identify hazards, track drills and manage compliance with customizable assessments.


Encourage students, staff, and community members to report concerns or suspicious activity.


Instant message with staff members and safety teams with the ERIP Communications

Knowledge Transfer: Our Experience is Yours

SafePlans was founded by a fourth generation and 20-year law enforcement officer.  We know that when training provided by local law enforcement to the citizens they are sworn to protect is the most effective way to address the active shooter epidemic.

Plus, SafePlans can help local law enforcement implement emergency plans, security assessments, and tactical site mapping into your local schools and/or faith-based organizations!









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