AlerT (Assess, lockdown, evade, resist, Tell)  active shooter prevention and survival training program (instructor-led and online) is specifically designed to help K-12 schools align with active shooter prevention and survival best practices. In Missouri, if your plans and training are not following these guidelines, they are likely not in compliance with the latest standard of care.

Online training, emergency plans, security assessments and a powerful emergency plan mobile app are available completely free for all Missouri K-12 schools (public and private) as part of the Missouri 1Plan system.

“AlerT follows best practices for the State of Missouri Office of Homeland Security and all national level response and preparedness agencies.  It is imperative that schools train the plan, and in Missouri the 1Plan system provides world class preparedness technology and resources.” Says SafePlans’ founder and former Missouri State Trooper Brad Spicer.  Spicer goes on to explain the AlerT takes a more complete risk management approach that expands beyond the basic lockdown concept and integrates prevention resources.

Other response-based systems like ALICE Training, Strategos and Tier One may not fully implement these prevention strategies and are not integrated with the Missouri Homeland Security Missouri 1Plan system.

Contact SafePlans to discuss training needs that exceed Senate Bill 10 requirements and fully maximize the free Missouri 1Plan system.  SAFE is an element of SafePlans’ Intruderology program.