Brad Spicer, SafePlans’ founder and CEO, presented the core concepts of our new “Role of Unarmed Security in Active Shooter Defense” course at the ASIS 2017 conference in Dallas.   Attended by over 20,000 security professionals, ASIS 2017 is the largest security conference in world and this standing room only session was by far one of the best attended and most discussed trainings.

Spicer states that “Too many organizations do not understand active shooter response and are at a loss as to how to best integrate existing security resources into their defense strategies.  They mistakenly believe that their best response is to simply wait for police and that security, especially unarmed security, cannot assist others.”

He points to airlines as one example of how organizations utilize non public safety personnel in an emergency.  “In the event of an emergency landing, flight attendants are trained to remain on the plane and assist all passengers before they evacuate. The flight attendants, and the airline, accept placing their lives at risk in order to help the flying public.  So why are security staff not trained to play a more prominent role in response to an active shooter-type attack?”

The Role of Unarmed Security in Active Shooter Defense is not designed to train security to attack an active shooter or terrorist.  It is designed to help prevent these attacks through proper positioning and drastically improve response through awareness.  Based on his experience in dignitary protection with the Missouri Highway Patrol, Spicer understands the value of having security focus on security.  “Awareness is situational.  A Board of Directors doesn’t want the CEO looking for people wearing bulky clothing and a hotel manager does not want a front desk clerk scanning parking lots.  Every employee should have basic security awareness, but their attention should be focused on their jobs.  Security officers have the luxury and obligation to focus solely on security and this course makes See Something – Say Something actually mean something.”

Concepts discussed at ASIS 2017 and included in our training program include:

  • Understanding the role of security
  • Evaluate Baselines to identify undesired behaviors
  • How to identify possible threats by observing and engaging people
  • Recognize Pre-Attack INdicators (PAINs)
  • Assess your environment to enhance response
  • Make effective decisions under stress
  • Lead others in emergency response
  • Overcome panic and fear

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