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A single sign on software solution for all your preparedness needs.

The Emergency Response Information Portal

With ERIP’s online system, you can manage your emergency plans, emergency drills, train your staff on emergency response through eLearning courses, and access tactical site mapping information, all within one system! Click each icon to view a short overview video of ERIP’s MAIN modules.

Emergency Plans

Easily access and manage your emergency plans. Whether you are just getting started, need plans updated, or looking for a platform to deliver your existing emergency plans, ERIP can be your solution. View the video for a demo to see the emergency plans module in action.

Emergency Drills

Scheduling mandatory drills from the district office to all locations can be done instantly within the ERIP system. Plus, your status board allows for easy access to view and track compliance of all locations. View the video to see ERIP’s drill management system in action!


In addition to the streamlined preparedness technology of ERIP, you can easily identify hazards and track compliance. SafePlans’ assessments help you to understand risks and identify vulnerabilities of your organization. View the video to see ERIP’s drill management system in action!

Site Mapping

SafePlans can map your property, we’ll turn static floor plans into a searchable response tool. Easily add information to floor plan such as– utility shut offs, problem areas, live camera feeds, rosters, and much more. It is that easy!

SAFE Reports

SAFE Reports is an anonymous reporting tool where students, school staff and community members are empowered to anonymously (if they chose) report suspicious activity, behavior or statements that could lead to the harm of individual or groups of students.

The SAFE case management system provides collaboration and tracking with alerts to make sure no report goes unresolved.

ERIP Mass Communications Provides Instant Messaging

Instantly communicate with staff, safety and response teams, support and more

Create Teams / Groups

Create teams such as emergency contacts. Easily add team members by selecting from your ERIP user list.

Mass messaging, with two-way communication, is available to Groups that are established in the ERIP system.

Or, add individual users to any mass notification you wish to send out.

Updates and Notices

The ERIP Communicator makes it extremely easy to send daily, weekly or monthly updates, etc on the fly!


There’s Much More in ERIP!

Instantly chat with staff and safety response teams, create tasks for team members, add users anytime, upload resources such as PDF’s or URLs. ERIP helps you cover your preparedness from A to Z. Click each icon to view a short overview video of ERIP’s EXTRAS.


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Stand alone ERIP Express modules to meet specific needs…Fast!

Our full ERIP solution is set up to meet your organization’s needs.

ERIP Enterprise Preparedness solution meets the needs of large organizations.

There’s an App for That

The Power of ERIP in the Palms of Your Hand…

In addition to providing you with state-of-the-art emergency preparedness technology, ERIP is as mobile as you are!  Access emergency plans, communicate with team members and response agencies, track drills and complete assessments — all from a mobile device with the ERIP app.

Preparedness Technology


Develop, share, and maintain emergency plans for a single site or multiple locations.


Identify hazards, track drills, and manage compliance with customizable assessments.


Share critical information about your facilities to improve emergency response.


Track and report on required training – ensuring your staff know what to do in an emergency.


Drill scheduling has never been easier. Plus, view scheduled, unscheduled, and overdue drills to track compliance!

One Click to Download the ERIP App Today! (Only accessible by ERIP users)

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Take the Heavy Lifting Out of Preparedness

Preparedness Technology Using FEMA 6 Step Process




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