Pinellas County Schools Prepares with SafePlans

Pinellas County Schools (PCS) recently partnered with our company to improve overall school safety for the community.

PCS will be integrating our proprietary software, ERIP (Emergency Readiness Integrated Platform) and training services into their current emergency operations.

Project Highlights:

  • Following a formal Request for Proposals (RFP) process (RFP# 19-205-169), our company was selected and awarded a contract to provide software and services to PCS.
  • Our software, ERIP, will be deployed in all 127 schools throughout the district.
  • Our team will be developing additional custom eLearning courses in an effort to train all staff to the district’s emergency plans.
  • PCS anticipates adding site mapping to their list of services, later this year.

PCS will leverage ERIP to create, update and maintain digital emergency plans, provide on-demand customized eLearning to staff and students, manage emergency drills and improve coordination with first responders throughout the district.

PCS Issues RFP to Improve Preparedness Throughout the District

Per the RFP, PCS sought a solution and contractor that could provide the following:


Emergency operations plan management.

RFP Requirement: Vendor should have experience scaling plan development and compliance throughout school systems of +100 sites. Experience should include development of active shooter and severe weather preparedness.

Additionally, plans should be manageable at the district and site-specific levels.

How we satisfied this requirement: ERIP Emergency Plans Module

Option to Upgrade – Site Mapping

RFP Requirement: Preferred vendor shall provide site mapping services as an optional upgrade. Site mapping should include the ability to easily share searchable site mapping data with local law enforcement agencies, add custom elements, provide users with aerial views. Additionally, all site mapping data must be available via offline access in the form of printable PDFs.

How we satisfied this requirement: ERIP Site Mapping Module


School staff training via eLearning.

RFP Requirement: Vendor should provide a SCORM-compliant integrated learning management system capable of adding standard and custom courses.

How we satisfied this requirement: eLearning Module and custom course development

Security Assessments

RFP Requirement: Software must allow the district to upload current and future security assessment data, with the ability to edit all aspects of the assessment content – via mobile app or desktop. Assessment system must account for physical security, policy, teacher classroom lockdown assessments and provide district staff with full analytics and reporting.

How we satisfied the requirement: ERIP Assessments Module and Analytics 

School drill management.

RFP Requirement: Solution must allow for the district to create and customize drill criteria for all schools. The software must also allow PCS to track drill progress and completion, assign compliance criteria to school administrators, share drill data, schedule confidential drills, have ability to create assessment questions for all completed drills, and include a compliance dashboard.

How we satisfied this requirement: ERIP Drills Manager

The Selection of SafePlans

After a thorough evaluation, PCS determined that our company was most qualified to provide this solution and services.

As a company located in Pinellas county, we are proud to serve our local community – furthering our mission of protecting good people from bad things.

“Every day, thousands of parents send their kids off to Pinellas County Schools with the expectation they learn and the absolute belief they are safe. I am honored that SafePlans has been selected to help make our community’s schools even safer,” explains SafePlans’ founder, Brad Spicer.

Our team looks forward to working with PCS and supports their proactive stance on school safety.


Discover more about ERIP

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