All emergencies are local.  The federal government passes this cliché down to states and states pass the need for emergency plans on to cities and counties.  All too often, this need for local preparedness stops before it reaches where it is needed most – the facility that is directly impacted by the emergency.

Public safety agencies are reactionary by nature.  Whether it is a natural disaster, fire or active shooter type attack, police officers and firefighters will risk their lives to save yours, but they will not be there when the emergency happens.   How long it takes them to respond is a variable that is out of your control, you can, however, control your response.

Consider that a 2014 FBI report found that the vast majority of active shooter attacks end in less than five minutes and many attacks last less than two minutes.  Just as calling 911 and waiting for the fire department is not a viable plan for a fire, waiting for police will not save lives in an active shooter attack.

ERIP App5 minAn all-hazards emergency plan and training program will help insure your staff understand their responsibilities in an emergency.  Even if that responsibility lies only protecting themselves, their ability to implement self-protective measures will enable first responders to better assist those that could not help themselves.

There are many resources available to help you prepare.   Utilize what best meets your needs, but make a commitment this year to do something.  SafePlans offers a variety of affordable solutions, mobile app-enabled emergency plan templates and free resources such as our online active shooter defense training. If we can be of assistance we would appreciate the opportunity to help you protect good people from bad things.

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