Our Emergency Response Information Portal or ERIP has the simplest and most comprehensive drill management available. Here is an overview of how it works for a school district (but it works for any location that needs to conduct drills):

1. The district sets compliance criteria for each drill type (I.e. four fire drills and four lockdown drills) and sends the criteria as a task to each school.
2. The school ERIP administrator receives the task with the type of drill and the number of drills.
3. The school ERIP administrator schedules selects the date and time for the drills.

Some other really cool features
• The district (or organization) can be automatically alerted when the drills are scheduled.
• Scheduled drills can be shared with all staff and local response agencies. ‘
• Reminders are automatically sent of upcoming drills.
• The schedule and status of all drills appears on the ERIP status board.
• Completed drills can be reported right from the ERIP app or online.
• Alerts are sent out if a drill is missed or not reported.
• A complete list of drills can be generated for external reporting.

Drills can be an effective way to test an emergency plan and practice response in a controlled setting.   In addition to achieving drill compliance, ERIP can help you maintain all-hazards emergency plans and implement more efficient drills.   Please contact us to learn more! 


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