An Example of Getting Before X

The gutsiest call at the 2019 Masters was not made by a golfer.

The bravest decision happened the day before when Augusta National Golf Club accelerated the Sunday timeline due to forecasted storms.

They got before “X” – and it took leadership.

Prioritizing Safety over Tradition

Think of an emergency, like a tornado. Now envision a timeline with an “X” in the middle representing impact. Everything to the right of “X” is the response. Everything before the “X” is an opportunity to prevent or at least mitigate the consequences.

A Lesson in Prevention

Knowing that protecting 25,000+ people from severe storms was more important than tradition, Augusta National Golf Club Chairman Fred Ridley enacted a plan to get before “X.”

Start times were moved up, golfers were grouped into parings of three instead of two, and play began on all 18 holes instead of all pairings starting at hole number one.

The Masters is one of the world’s most famous sporting events and Augusta National Golf Club one the most revered venues. Rightfully so, the 2019 Masters will be remembered for Tiger Woods remarkable victory. Hopefully, though, leaders of organizations will learn from Fred Ridley and be willing to make the tough calls to get before “X.”

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