Emergency Plans, Preparedness, Recovery, and Response Software and Technology Platform for All Industries

Industries Use ERIP emergency preparedness software to instantly access a comprehensive emergency planning, recovery, response, and eLearning training system.  The Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) is a cost effective, simple-to-use, web-based software and technology platform which offers plans, site-mapping, security assessments, and eLearning all in one unified system.

How can Your Industry Utilize SafePlans’ Emergency Preparedness Software?

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With ERIP, you can have all of your emergency plans, preparedness, response, recovery and eLearning in one program. By design, it’s all built into the ERIP platform. With the ERIP app, and an Internet connection, you can also conveniently access your emergency management software system from any location.

Industries Use ERIP Emergency Preparedness Software for a Comprehensive System of Plans, Preparedness, Response and Recovery, Within One Unified Platform


Much More Than a Disaster Plan

An all-hazards emergency preparedness solution

Many different types of industries use ERIP emergency preparedness software and technology. The all-in-one program addresses critical preparedness needs by providing users with an integrated system of online emergency planning, response, recovery, training, and access to tactical response information.

CMS Preparedness

Better Plans In Less Time

Our Emergency Response Information Portal, or ERIP guides you, step by step through developing your emergency plans.  Have questions or need assistance?  SafePlans has helped thousands of organizations develop their emergency plans.

We Have an App for That

ERIP is easy to use and implement.  Simply create an account for each employee and they have instant access to your emergency plans and emergency notifications.  Need to update or change your plan?  Log in and update.  It is that simple!

Need Plans For Multiple Locations?

ERIP was designed to support enterprise needs by linking core planning information and allowing managers to compartmentalize information by user role and location. Each of your facilities will have their own plan that is connected to your enterprise preparedness solutions.

High Tech to No Tech

Plans are available via secure internet, mobile app and print.




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