In loco parentis, is Latin for “in the place of a parent” and is the legal term used to describe the rights and responsibilities entrusted to K-12 school administrators when caring for students.

While rare, active shooter/violent intruder attacks are a required element of any school’s all-hazards emergency plan. As schools embrace the FEMA and U.S. Homeland Security backed Run-Hide-Fight system, they should have confidence they are implementing the national standard of care and fulfilling their in loco parentis obligations.

No one response is likely to safeguard an entire school from a violent intruder or active shooter. Run-Hide-Fight provides staff with options and flexibility to enact measures they feel are most likely to save lives.

A parent would not be charged with endangering the welfare of a child if they told their child to run from a killer – even if the parent did not/could not run away with the child.  Regardless of what the child may encounter during or after their their escape, the known danger of a killer is a valid reason to order a child to run.

Regardless of the plan and response, litigation will likely be part of any violent attack in a school.  Lawsuits happen.

You will survive a lawsuit.  Have peace of mind knowing the Run-Hide-Fight system is the best practice for helping as many people as possible survive an attack.

Coordinate all security and emergency planning efforts with local agencies and state safe!

Brad Spicer

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