Hernando County School District Prepares with SafePlans – Active Shooter Response Training and District-Wide Emergency Planning

BROOKSVILLE – School administrators and staff in Hernando County Schools recently partnered with SafePlans to conduct and complete active shooter training. The district is implementing our AlerT (Assess, Lockdown, Evade, Resist, Tell) system – an open source civilian response training system.

This training is a vital component of the district’s detailed, multi-year school safety plan that began in February of 2018, when the school board moved to place 10 additional School Resource Officers (SRO) at all elementary schools thus ensuring every district school has trained law enforcement on campus.

The active shooter training, designed specifically to help schools prepare for an active threat, is one more phase of the school district’s preparedness effort.

AlerT Active Shooter Training

Central High school conducts active shooter training exercises for staff prior to students’ return.

AlerT – Facilitating the Preparedness Mindset for Hernando County Schools’ Staff

“We can’t say it’s unthinkable, they have to think about it, they have to prepare for it. We empower teachers to make decisions, so they don’t have to wait for instructions,” – Brad Spicer, CEO and Founder of SafePlans

AlerT, as the name implies, focuses on situational awareness – enhancing existing lockdown plans and integrating them into a framework that meets the new Standard of Care detailed in the U.S. Department of Education’s Guide for Developing High Quality School Emergency Operations Plans.

Preparedness for HCSD will Take a Multi-Phase Approach

While the first phase of active shooter training is intended for school staff, future trainings designed for students will be scheduled. School district leaders in Hernando joined statewide calls for improved school safety and security and moved quickly to ensure school staff received safety training before the new school year. The training is a timely and impactful step in the school district’s commitment to school emergency preparedness and enhanced school safety.

“The safety of our students and staff continues to be a priority. This training is necessary to provide staff with a highly specialized set of best practices and skills to ensure emergency readiness should the unthinkable happen here,” – Hernando County Schools’ Superintendent John Stratton

Emergency Plan Development and Site Mapping for all Hernando County Schools

In addition to active shooter training, SafePlans has implemented our ERIP (Emergency Response Information Portal) system across the district. They also trained Hernando schools’ staff on the software and aided in the development of their emergency plans.

Earlier this year, SafePlans visited and mapped each school within HCSD. These maps are uploaded into our ERIP system and formatted into “smart floor plans” by integrating photos of classrooms, class rosters, listing emergency exits, and access to live camera feeds.

These floorplans are entirely searchable and can be shared with public safety agencies to improve response times in the event of an emergency.

Preparedness Ensures Focus on what is Most Important

Hernando County School District has taken a proactive stance on emergency preparedness by partnering with SafePlans.

By simplifying their emergency planning process, HCSD staff and administrators can focus on what is most important – providing a quality education for students.

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