UPDATE 2.2.16:
Thank you for your interest in our Bomb Threat Awareness Lessons.
The response has been tremendous. 

Bomb threats are far more like promises than contracts.  They are made to obtain a desired response; which is typically anxiety and confusion.  The best response is rarely immediate evacuation; the best response requires an assessment of the threat, a search of the campus and sound crisis communication.

In order to conduct an assessment, anxiety must be removed from the analysis.   Understanding the nature of bomb threats and tabletop exercises will help to eliminate anxiety.  At SafePlans we emphasize Getting Before “X.”   Imagine “X” as an emergency on a timeline and everything after “X” is response and getting before “X” is the key to preparedness.   Bomb threat training should be a part of every district and school all-hazards emergency preparedness program.


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Anxiety is extremely difficult to overcome during a threat.  Getting before “X” and having confidence in your level of preparedness helps to control anxiety.   Preparedness may not remove all anxiety, but it will help limit anxiety’s impact on high stakes predictions.   If a community has not prepared for a bomb threat, anxiety will be difficult to overcome.

To help districts and schools get before “X” SafePlans is offering the following resources free of charge:

Bomb Threat Response  for Staff  (25 Minute Online Course)

Bomb Threat Response for Leaders (One Hour Recorded Webinar)

This information is restricted to school and law enforcement personnel so a simple verification is required.

Bomb Threat Response for Schools

Bomb Threat Response for Schools

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