Active Shooter Response Webinar

UPDATE 11.2.15:  Thank you for your interest in our Active Shooter Webinar.  The response has been tremendous.  Though this content is no longer available at this time you may keep up to date for future free content by visiting our resource site for active shooter defense training.  

Join SafePlans’ founder and national active shooter prevention and survival expert, Brad Spicer, on October 29th at 2pm (eastern) for training on the core elements of active shooter preparedness for schools.


Brad Spicer at Campus Safety Conference

This webinar is based on SafePlans’ Security Awareness For Educators (SAFE) program (now known as AlerT) that has been adopted by three states and large districts across the nation.


During this hour with one of the nation’s most sought after active shooter experts you will learn about:

AlerT is an element of SafePlans’ Intruderology, which is the science of active shooter prevention and survival.

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