The latest and greatest version of ERIP has just been released and it is a preparedness game changer!  Whether you are a large organization that supports multiple locations, or a smaller one, ERIP has you covered with the most comprehensive and easy to use framework available.

ERIP is, and has always been, an all-hazards emergency preparedness framework that supports emergency plans, tactical site mapping, eLearning, assessments and much more.   We’d love to show off ERIP 360 and learn more about ways you are preparing.

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What’s New in ERIP?

ERIP  has several new features that increase the practical and tactical aspects of preparing.

While ERIP  is intuitive and we are always happy to provide support, ERIP Guides walk the user through specific functions of ERIP like adding a floor plan, reviewing an emergency plan or scheduling a drill.

Emergency planning should not happen in a vacuum and ERIP Tasks allows the delegation and assignment of preparedness related tasks.  An organization can assign tasks, such as update emergency plans to all locations.   Or, a location can assign a task, like complete the SAFE Active Shooter Defense eLearning Course is ERIP, to all employees.

Tasks are fully trackable and alerts can be sent our via email, text and the ERIP app.


The ERIP Communicator –  or “Comms” –  allows for secure instant messaging between ERIP users and ERIP groups, such as school safety teams, within ERIP and the ERIP App.  Emergency 9-1-1 and mass messaging, with two-way communication, is available to Groups that are established in the ERIP system.

The ERIP Communicator can also be used to contact support- for fast and easy technical help.



Please contact us to arrange for a brief, no hassle demo!

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