ERIP For Enterprise: An Emergency Management Software and Mobile App – For Any Industry

ERIP Enterprise: The Challenge

In the past, implementing an affordable, easy-to-use, web-based emergency response information portal, which offers plans, site-mapping, security assessments, and eLearning all in one unified system, has been a difficult challenge.  With ERIP, you’ll no longer have to struggle to find a mobile solution for streamlined emergency planning, preparedness, response, and recovery. By design, it’s all built into the ERIP platform.


    • Secure DHS Safety Act Designated Anti-Terrorism Technology.
    • Emergency plan mobile app for all staff.
    • Enterprise level preparedness without increased staffing.
    • Simple to update and maintain.
    • Integrated eLearning.
    • Identify and analyze security and preparedness gaps.
    • Catalog and share site mapping data for all locations to enhance response.
    • Track readiness and compliance for all locations.
    • Printable emergency plans and reports.
ERIP Enterprise all-in-one emergency management system


The ERIP Enterprise software, technology, and training solution provides a user friendly emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery system. The emergency response information portal is so simple to use that the system can even guide each location through the implementation of a structured all-hazards program as well as reflect the location’s mission, hazards, and resources.

ERIP Enterprise Emergency Preparedness

More than just an emergency plan, ERIP Enterprise system and mobile app, the comprehensive software and technology helps address all aspects of disaster preparedness.  The system is so simple to use- ERIP Enterprise actually guides each location through the implementation of an all-hazards program that reflects the location’s mission, hazards, and resources.



ERIP Enterprise platform with disaster preparedness programs connect location specific emergency plans, assessments, response information, and training into a single connected infrastructure.

Regardless of your organization’s size and structure, SafePlans’ ERIP is a scalable solution that will help you protect good people from bad things.




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