All emergencies are local.  Federal agencies emphasize this to states and states pass it down to their communities.  But what about organizations that are responsible for the preparedness of numerous locations over large geographic areas?  

This is where our Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) excels.  With ERIP all locations are fully connected for all-hazards enterprise emergency preparedness.  Check out this 90 second video to learn more or contact us to discuss your needs.



Maintaining disparate readiness programs for each location is costly and ineffective.


ERIP guides each location through the implementation of an all-hazards program that reflects that location’s mission, hazards and resources.


  • DHS Safety Act Designated.
  • Emergency plan mobile app for all staff.
  • Site level preparedness without increased staffing.
  • Simple to update and maintain.
  • Integrated eLearning.
  • Create, conduct and track security assessments.
  • Share site mapping to catalog response information for each site.
  • Track readiness and compliance for all locations.
  • Printable emergency plans and reports.

Contact us to discuss your all-hazards Enterprise Emergency Preparedness and Enterprise Active Shooter Defense needs.

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