Emergency Preparedness Program for K-12 Schools

Local and Statewide School Emergency Preparedness. Whether an entire state needs assistance with a comprehensive school safety program, or a single district is looking to enhance their emergency preparedness efforts SafePlans can help. 

Track Statewide Compliance with ERIP

Watch the video below to see how our ERIP (Emergency Response Information Portal) system enables states to easily track compliance across counties, districts, and individual schools. 


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View some of our case studies below to see how other states and districts have simplified emergency planning with our preparedness technology.

State School Safety Program

Case Study – Achieving and Maintaining Statewide Compliance for Delaware Schools

For the past five years, SafePlans has assisted Delaware in transitioning from a fragmented and disconnected school safety approach to implementing the one of the nation’s most comprehensive all-hazards emergency preparedness programs.

With SafePlans’ Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP), all Delaware schools comply with legal mandates of the Onmibus School Safety Act and maintain all elements of their Comprehensive School Safety Plan. As a result, Delaware schools are even safer.

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“I would recommend SafePlans to any school or institution that needs to enhance their safety protocols and standardize their responses assuring the students and clients receive the best protection available.”

Evelyn Brown

Director of Comprehensive School Safety Program (CSSP), Delaware State

Polk County Prepares With SafePlans

The mission of Polk County Public Schools (PCPS) is to provide high quality education for all students.  To make certain that education is provided in a safe environment, PCPS partners with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.   When the Sheriff’s Office looked to enhance the emergency preparedness for the district, they chose SafePlans. 

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Polk County Florida Prepares with SafePlans
Sarasota County Schools

Emergency Preparedness for Sarasota Schools


Insuring that learning takes place on campuses that are safe and prepared in a district that covers over 500 square miles can create logistical challenges and when SCPS looked to enhance preparedness, they chose SafePlans.


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Looking to implement a statewide or local multi-hazard emergency planning system? 

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