The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recently finalized rules to establish consistent emergency preparedness requirements for health care providers participating in Medicare and Medicaid.   The effective date will be November 16, 2016 and the implementation date will be November 16, 2017.

At SafePlans, we know these types of requirements are an addition to an already busy workload.  Let us help you through this process with an affordable and effective solution we call “Prepared with SafePlans.”  Please contact us to learn more. 

Prepared with SafePlans includes the following:

  • All-hazards emergency plans
  • Preparedness related policies and procedures
  • Communications plan
  • Training and testing

Getting Before “X”

Think of an emergency.  Now envision a timeline with an “X” in the middle representing that emergency.  Everything to the right of  “X” is the response.  Everything before the “X” is an opportunity to prevent or at least lessen the impact.  Prepared with SafePlans helps you get before the “X.”

Before X

From natural disasters like severe weather, to human threats like an active shooter, organizations must consider all hazards which is why CMS requires health care provider emergency plans.

Better Plans in Less Time

Our Emergency Response Information Portal or ERIP  guides you step by step, through the process of developing your health care provider emergency plans.

We have an App for that!features-iphone1

ERIP and the ERIP Emergency Plan App are easy to use and implement.  Simply create an account for each employee and they have instant access to your emergency plans
and emergency notifications.   Need to update or change your plan? Log on and update.  It is that simple!

Need Plans for Multiple Locations?

ERIP was designed to support enterprise wide needs by linking core planning information and allowing managers to compartmentalize information by user role and location.  Each of your facilities will have their own plan that is connected to your enterprise wide preparedness program.

Hi-Tech to No Tech

Plans are available via secure internet, mobile app and print.

Communications Plans

Prepared with SafePlans will help you develop a communications plan that addresses:

  • Internal Communications
  • External Communications
  • Risk Communications Strategies
  • Crisis Communications Strategies

Training and Testing

An untrained and untested plan is little more than theory.  ERIP includes eLearning courses that allow all staff to learn their roles and responsibilities in an emergency on demand, from a tablet or computer.

Courses include quizzes to test plan knowledge.  Learning is automatically tracked by user login.  Additional testing is available via downloadable tabletop exercises.   Courses include:

  • Staff All-Hazards Emergency Readiness
  • Security Awareness For Everyone (SAFE) Active Shooter Prevention & Defense
  • Severe Weather Planning
  • Evacuation Planning
  • Bomb Threat Response

The new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) health care provider emergency plans mandate require that clinics, healthcare providers and suppliers develop all hazards emergency plans.

Please contact us to learn how we can help you develop better plans in less time!

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