“All emergencies are local” is a common saying in emergency management.  Federal agencies say it’s the states and the states pass it down to cities and counties.  At SafePlans, we have long realized that emergency planning is local to the business, church or school that is directly impacted by the emergency.  So how do people at these sites who are not emergency management professionals develop high quality emergency plans?  Up until now the solution has been expensive training or fill in the blank emergency action plan templates or checklists that are far from high quality.

SafePlans Emergency Plan Development Wizard was created to address this deficiency and boy does it ever!  The Wizard improves the quality and consistency of emergency plans developed for single a stand alone site or multiple sites.  These interview style wizards provides succinct training tutorials to help users understand the more complex aspects of their plans.  The result is better plans in less time!.  Take a look at the overview below and then contact us to discuss how SafePlans can help you protect good people from bad things.

The Emergency Plan Development Wizard is an element of SafePlans’ all hazards Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) system.  ERIP includes emergency plans. safety audits, site mapping, online training and a comprehensive mobile app.

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