ERIP Emergency Alerts Virtual and Mobile Panic Button: Make Every Second Count

ERIP Emergency Alerts is a virtual and mobile panic button – enabling users to instantly send a mass notification in the event of an emergency.


Unlike other panic button applications, ERIP Emergency Alerts are full-customizable within ERIP – allowing you to create a wide variety of alerts, such as:


  • Active Shooter Incidents
  • Bomb Threats
  • Fires
  • Weather Advisories
  • Medical Emergencies
  • and more

Use Emergency Alerts to Test Drills and Improve Communications 

Our Emergency Alerts application allows you to improve emergency response with the drill testing feature. Additionally, you can easily send out test notifications to ensure there are no gaps in communication should an emergency occur. 

Streamline Crisis Communications

This virtual panic button can immediately alert all pre-determined: administration, staff, safety teams, and local first responders.


Integrate Mobile Panic Button Notifications with Emergency Plans

Notifications supply recipients with a link to their corresponding emergency plan page – limiting confusion in the midst of a crisis and improving response times. 

Administrators can opt-in to receive notifications for any emergency type while easily managing alerts for multiple locations.


Location-Specific Emergency Alerts

Choose to send alerts to all locations or a specific location via text, email, and the ERIP app push notification. Additionally, individuals or outside agencies (such as local law enforcement) may be added to receive alert notifications.

Communicate Life-Saving Information…With the Push of a Button


Every second counts during an emergency. Emergency Alerts virtual and mobile panic button helps make the most of those seconds by enabling you to instantly communicate life-saving information – protecting good people from bad things.


See how our Emergency Alerts module integrates with the full ERIP suite – enhancing preparedness even further for your organization.

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