Congratulations to the FY 2018 STOP School Violence Threat Assessment and Technology Reporting Program grant awardees.  These proactive grants will help states, districts and schools get before “X” and help to make our schools and communities even safer.

SafePlans has programs that perfectly align with the grant’s Objectives and Deliverables.  Please contact us to discuss how our technology and training programs can help make your grant successful and sustainable.

Applications specifically for the development and operation of school threat assessment and crisis intervention teams.

  • A threat assessment examines potentially violent behavior with the goal of determining the degree of dangerousness. Threat assessments are highly effective in the prevention of an insider attack, so long as concerning behavior is reported.
  • SafePlans currently offers a blended threat assessment training program featuring a combination of eLearning courses and instructor-led classes.

Under the school threat assessment area this not only includes threat assessments for individuals, but may also include security surveys, crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) training and implementation, and target hardening prevention programs with the intention to limit access to school property to prevent acts of school violence.

  • SafePlans is the national leader in school security surveys and safety audits. Our Security Standards for Schools provides assessment “SenseMaking” and develops a structured and sustainable security program.

For the crisis intervention teams, these should include coordination with law enforcement, school officials, and possibly other disciplines from the community.

  • Safe Reports connects all stakeholders in the assessment process with a secure case management system that provides includes automatics status alerts and reminders,

Applications for the development and implementation of technology that addresses anonymous reporting through apps, hotlines, or websites. This may also include apps that can assist school personnel and students during an active shooter incident, to include notification and sharing information with first responders.

  • Safe Reports allows for the anonymous alerts and reporting from any computer, tablet or smart phone.  These reports may be attributed or anonymous and report pages and routing are fully customizable.
  • Alerts in the (Emergency Response Information Portal) ERIP App allows staff to immediately and simultaneously notify others in the school, 911 and district leadership.
  • Site mapping in ERIP allows schools to instantly and securely share response information such as floor plans and rosters with first responders.





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