On December 15th, 2015, an emailed bomb threat resulted in the unprecedented closing of all 900+ Los Angeles schools.  The same threat was received by officials with New York schools and deemed not credible and schools remained open.  You can read the threat made to the LA schools in its entirety below.

LAPS Bomb Threat

Because bomb threats can occur anytime throughout the school year, but it is important to be aware of anniversaries.  It is also important to understand options beyond closing schools or automatically evacuating.  As such, SafePlans has some free resources that might be of interest.

Free Bomb Threat Response Training

Below is a link to a one hour conducted by our CEO, Brad Spicer, that shares some of his insights on bomb threats how to manage bomb threats with our new comprehensive Bomb Threat Response Guide.  This guide is far and away the most detailed and easy to follow manual available.   To download the FREE Bomb Threat Response Guide, open the eLearning course in the link below and click the the “Resources” tab.

View the free online training and download the Bomb Threat Response Guide here:

http://safeplans.com/media/presentations/Bomb Threat 2016/story.html

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