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Brad Spicer, one of the nation’s leading school security and emergency planning experts, has written a children’s book, “Teddy is Ready,” to help parents and teachers protect young people from bad things.

“Every day millions of parents send their children off to school or daycare with the expectation they will learn and the absolute belief they will be safe. Teddy is Ready guides parents and teachers through an age-appropriate conversation that will help them protect young people from bad things.” said Brad Spicer, founder of SafePlans and former Missouri Highway Patrol SWAT member and bodyguard for several governors.

The first book of its kind, “Teddy is Ready,” takes an all-hazards emergency preparedness approach to safety, and has already been endorsed by school safety experts across the country. Based on national best practices, like those outlined by the U.S. Department of Education, FEMA, and the Department of Homeland Security, “Teddy is Ready” is more than a children’s book, it is a training system. At parents and teachers can take eLearning courses to better understand the 14 safety issues addressed in the book and teachers can download a curriculum guide and order classroom kits to help provide classroom instruction.

In the book, when Teddy considers an emergency or safety-related event, he imagines himself as Captain Ready. This mental visualization helps the child picture a successful response to a situation that might otherwise be a little scary.  This association can lessen their anxiety and improve their ability to respond in an actual emergency.  The book is very careful not to illustrate Captain Ready doing anything that would put a child in danger.  Mental visualization is an important part of preparing and is just one of the national best practices that has been customized for children.

Other safety topics and emergency response best practices that Teddy learns include: walking to school, bus riding, fire safety, severe weather preparedness, earthquakes, see something-say something, and even violent intruder or active shooter response.  These topics are presented in an age-appropriate manner with colorful illustrations.  The eLearning courses at provide adults with additional information so they can expand upon the basic concepts found in the book.

See Something Say Something

The book and e-book are  available from Amazon and CreateSpace.   Visit for more information.

About the Author:
Brad Spicer is an Army Gulf-War veteran, former state trooper, and founder of SafePlans, a leading provider of all-hazards preparedness solutions.  He has created emergency planning software that is designated by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as a qualified anti-terrorism technology and developed Intruderology™, a national active shooter prevention and survival program.

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