ERIP (Emergency Response Information Portal) comes pre-filled with an eLearning library, stocked with a plethora of safety preparedness courses. Our eLearning courses walk users through response strategies to emergencies such as Active Shooter/Violent intruder, Bomb Threat response, Severe Weather, Threat Assessment, Preventing Violence, and much more!



eLearning allows for easy communication of eductaing all staff on new policies, updates, and training.

Capacity and Consistency

ERIP’s eLearning feature helps to train staff members and explains his or her roles and responsibilities during an emergency. Since learners are recieving the same training the message is communicated in a consistant fashion – all staff will be on the same page!

High Learning Retention

Blended eLearning courses have shown that learning experience a much higher retention rate.

Track Compliance

Admins can easily view who has taken which courses. Quizzes can be made available to the learners, and certificates of completion can be downloaded and printed upon passing.

Save Time and Money

The need for travel is removed when training staff thorough eLearning. Plus, time away from the workplace is reduced drastically.

On Demand

Give your staff the freedom to learn at their own pace that fits their speed. Staff can login anytime anywhere and view the eLearning library.

Custom Courses

If you are looking to have a custom course added to your eLearning library we can do so for you! 

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