Please join SafePlans’ Brad Spicer for his presentation “How Lockdown Failed Sandy Hook” at the ASIS Conference in Anaheim.

When: Monday, September 28th from 10am to 11am

Where: Section 108


Sandy Hook did not fail at lockdown. Lockdown failed Sandy Hook.  The presentation will explore how the concept of lockdown does not adequately address active shooter response.

The presentation includes findings from the official State’s Attorney report on the Sandy Hook shooting and recommendations from nonproprietary best practices.   Nothing in the report is intended to diminish the actions of the Sandy Hook staff or imply fault for this tragedy lies with anyone other than the murderer. 

The basis of a lockdown is compartmentalization.  Sandy Hook, like most schools, was dependent upon denying access to stop an active shooter.  Tragically, the physical security of the school was inadequate to mitigate the attack.

 This presentation is provided with the hopes the findings and recommendations will help education leaders and their public safety partners make our nations’ schools even safer and more secure.


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