A Review and Comparison of Three Popular Anonymous Reporting Tools

With school shootings on the rise, more and more educators are making use of an anonymous reporting tool to empower students, teachers, and community members to anonymously report concerning behaviors or activities.

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Anonymous reporting tools have become a safety standard among many states as the number of recorded active threats in the U.S. continues to rise.

In this post, we will look at three popular anonymous reporting tools – highlighting the key features of each, and illustrate how our SAFE Reports Anonymous Reporting Tool easily integrates with the emergency planning process, addressing the pitfalls of some other apps.

1. Mobile-Only Anonymous Reporting Tool with Some Analytics


STOPit is an anonymous reporting mobile application that allows for two-way messaging between a user reporting a concern/observed behavior and a designated report manager. Reports can then be tracked to determine trends, and can be followed through to resolution.

Key features:

  • Mobile App
  • 2-Way Messaging
  • High-Level Analytics
  • Administrative Permissions


2. Multiple Ways to Anonymously Report with Ability to Track


Say Something (Sandy Hook Promise)

Say Something is an anonymous reporting app and tip hotline that allows users to report detailed threats to a designated Crisis center. Each report has a unique ID number which users can document and track for updates. Additionally, the mobile app enables Crisis center employees the ability to communicate with users and request supplemental information.

After a report is made, it is sent to local law enforcement or school administrators for intervention.

Key features:

  • Website, Mobile App, and Hotline
  • Designated Crisis center
  • Report Tracking


3. Combines Anonymous Reporting with All-Hazards Emergency Preparedness Tech


SAFE Reports Anonymous Reporting and Case Management Tool

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SAFE Reports integrates with SafePlans’ emergency preparedness software (ERIP) – combining the power of an anonymous reporting tool with emergency planning.

The tool allows users to anonymously report concerning behaviors or observed incidents via mobile app or desktop.

Additionally, the system enables administrators to establish specified teams and develop workflows to ensure reports are handled by the right people, in a timely manner. Alerts can all connect to a school’s emergency plans as a reference for teams or individuals – ensuring the correct procedures are followed to resolve the issue.

The case management aspect of the application allows administrators to trend report data to determine areas of improvement, or identify problem areas in a school or community.

Key features:

  • Website and Mobile App
  • Establish Team
  • Develop Workflows
  • Integrate with Emergency Plans
  • Track Reports and Analytics
  • Integrate with other Data to Identify Trends and Areas of Improvement


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