SafePlans CEO Brad Spicer article on preparing schools for the terrorist threat has been featured on Campus Safety Magazine.   Brad is one of the nation’s top active shooter/killer prevention and survival experts and this article helps explain the parallels between active shooter and terrorist takeover response best practices.

Preparing for the Terrorist Threat to Schools

Campuses must move beyond a simple lockdown-only plan and integrate the survival options of Run-Hide-Fight into their plans and training.

Attacks on schools and institutions of higher education, such as those in Russia (Beslan, 2004), Pakistan (Army School, 2014) and Kenya (Garrissa University, 2015) confirm that schools are not simply soft targets. They are high value. Just as it was appropriate for Russia to reconsider airline security after the 9-11 attacks, it is necessary for the United States to re-evaluate school security.

An all-hazards emergency preparedness program for schools must include consideration of a terrorist attack. A properly implemented program should build upon and integrate with active shooter preparedness best practices. This unified approach will better prepare schools and response agencies for all human-based threats.

One key to countering an assault is to keep the attackers off balance and not allow them to fortify their positions. A typical lockdown response will only aid the terrorists in implementing target hardening tactics to defend against hostage rescue. Once these tactics are in place, a locked classroom door will be all that remains between terrorists and students. A locked door will not be enough.

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