Active Shooter Defense Resources for Schools

Active Shooter Defense Resources – Security Awareness For Educators (SAFE) 


Active Shooter Defense Training

Center For Safe and Secure Schools provide free resources

Watch the Webinar Replay

Discover what options you have during an active shooter type of attack.

Download the Intruder Drill Planner

Download to keep in your resource files. Make available to staff and use as needed.

Download the Intruder Drill Teachers Guide

Download to keep in your resourcs files. Make available to staff and use as needed.

Threat Assessment: Preventing Targeted School Violence

Active Shooter Defense Resources Threat Assessment

View Threat Assessment Webinar Replay

Having the ability to accurately identify and be alert to warning signs can potentially help you to prevent a violent attack.

Download Threat Assessment Forms

Download these forms to keep in your resource files and make available to staff to use as needed.

The Family Reunifcation Process

Active Shooter Defense Resources Family reunification Packet

Watch the Webinar Replay

Discover how to implement a reunification plan in your school.

Download Reunification Forms

Forms, checklists, and information about the family reunification process.

Watch the Parent Video

Feel free to embed this video on your site and help educate parents.

Bomb Threat Awareness and Response

Active Shooter Defense Resources Bomb Threat Response

Watch Bomb Threat Webinar Replay

Discover what to do after the receipt of a bomb threat.

Download Bomb Threat Worksheet

Make available to staff and use as needed.

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