Through observation and action, security personnel (or sentinel) plays a critical role in preventing and mitigating deadly attacks.

Brad Spicer, founder of SafePlans, is featured on the cover story of ASIS Magazine. 01 April 2018

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Security Management of ASIS International

The level of awareness exhibited by security personnel can have a butterfly effect on an active assailant’s perception of risk. Having security guards onsite may mitigate the chances of an attack, but this type of embedded response is no guarantee that the attacker will be deterred or stopped.

Even when the worst-case scenario occurs, a security officer’s situational awareness is critical. Early detection enables officers to respond more quickly and help others by providing instructions that can mitigate the attack. By observing physical and behavioral cues, acting upon concerns, and implementing effective response methods, unarmed guards can help prevent or mitigate active assailant attacks.

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