Before X

Think of an emergency.

Now envision a timeline with an “X” in the middle representing that emergency. Everything to the right of “X” is the response. Everything before the “X” is an opportunity to prevent or at least lessen the impact.  An all-hazards preparedness program should help you get before the “X.”

The goal of preparedness is not the adaptation of an emergency plan or downloading a simple crisis mobile app checklist. Preparedness can trace its roots back to the Civil Defense days of World War II. As civil defense changed to emergency management, and emergency management into homeland security, one constant was an emphasis on preparedness. Preparedness, as outlined by the 2011 Presidential Policy Directive 8, encompasses five core areas: Prevention, Protection, Mitigation, Response, and Recovery.

Technology and training can improve response to help mitigate casualties in an emergency, but all-hazards preparedness must also incorporate prevention, protection and recovery strategies.   Technology, such as SafePlans’ ERIP Mobile App, organizes and disseminates emergency plans and response data, but tools like ERIP should augment not circumvent the preparedness process.

Imagine a disgruntled employee carrying out a shooting in a crowded workplace. ERIP’s online active shooter response training helps staff in their initial response; our mobile app guides leaders through their response and the local 9-1-1 center accesses site floor plans and cameras in ERIP to help police respond faster. These are needed life-saving tools, but incorporating a workplace violence prevention program into the preparedness process can prevent the attack all together.

Putting all of these pieces together is Getting Before “X.”  It can been a lonely place in the world of preparedness and we would like to spend some time there with you.

Stay Safe,


About the author:
Brad Spicer is the founder of SafePlans, a leading provider of all-hazards preparedness solutions including a DHS designated anti-terrorism technology and national active shooter prevention and survival program.

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