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1PLAN Emergency Preparedness Framework

Active Shooter Defense & All Hazards Emergency Planning…Simplified.

1PLAN is an all-hazards emergency preparedness system that incorporates active shooter defense best practices within an easily customizable standardized framework.

1Plan is maintained and managed in an intuitive secure state-of-the-art online dashboard to streamline and simplify the preparedness process.

The K-12 1PLAN

Imagine an emergency and place that emergency as an “X’ on a timeline. Everything after “X is response and everything before “X” is our opportunity to prepare for that emergency. The 1Plan emergency preparedness framework is designed to help schools get before “X”. 

Brief Overview of 1PLAN emergency framework:

Emergency Planning…Simplified

1Plan addresses all-aspects of emergency preparedness for you.

The Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) houses all emergency plan development, eLearning for staff training, emergency drills, assessments, site mapping, resources and more! 

Login from your desktop or mobile device anytime – anywhere!

mass shooting victims in 2017

Built-In Active Shooter-Defense Best Practices

While active shooter-type attacks are low-occurrence, high impact events, they are increasing in frequency and complexity.

Districts and schools must include active shooter/killer defense as part of their all-hazards preparedness efforts.

While active shooter response training plays a role in safety, the best and first line of defense is comprehensive preparedness program that includes all-hazards emergency plans and a well-trained staff and student body.

1PLAN is Best Practice Based

Like the Incident Command System (ICS), 1Plan uses plain language within the emergency plans. There are no code phrases to memorize.

The premise is simple – the more important the emergency, the more vital it is that everyone understands what to do.  

For emergencies that impact or may impact the entire campus, there are four core actions. When communicating these actions, use plain language to make certain everyone understands.
All 1Plan core actions are enacted using plain language.  

1PLAN is Flexible

1Plan is easy to customize because no emergency plan can account for every possible scenario. 1Plan embraces the Observe-Orient-Decide-Act decision making cycle that was designed by Air Force Colonel John Boyd. Combining best practice emergency plans with engaging eLearning training courses, 1Plan empowers staff to act.

Benefits of 1PLAN

The benefits of 1Plan and the ERIP system are unmatched. With standardized emergency plans, along side eLearning courses for staff, training becomes more effective.

NIMS Compliant Emergency Preparedness

Emergency plans in 1Plan are more than response protocols, they are all-hazards emergency plans that comply with the latest National Incident Management System (NIMS) and Incident Command System (ICS) guidelines. 1Plan supports the needs of the school district, schools, early learning centers, athletic complexes and support facilities.

1PLAN Framework Explained

In an emergency, the district and school(s) likely have the same goals, but typically have different functions. The district provides support and guidance, while the school(s) manage the emergency. Under the Incident Command System or ICS, the district would be referred to as Area Command and each impacted school would have its own command structure.

Because they have unique functions, the district and school needs separate plans. With 1Plan, the District template and Campus/School plan follow the same format and common language, but the content reflects their unique missions and location.

We Can Train You

Join the training an leave with a CUSTOM emergency plan to take back to your school and/or district. We offer an eight hour, instructor-led training seminar. We can train your staff, or you can opt for a train-the-trainer seminar and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to train your own staff. 

Host a 1Plan Training

Bring in neighboring districts, schools, churches etc. to train and plan with you! As a 1Plan host, you will receive complimentary 1Plan licenses and training seats. Hosting a 1Plan session is great way to improve preparedness, save money and help others in protecting good people from bad things!

1Plan hosting partners:

Assist in promotion of the training to local organizations

Provide a space for 8 hours of training that:

• Can support at least 20 participants

• Has Wi-Fi

• Has a location with multiple rooms to active shooter response scenarios for two hours. Preferably the location will be empty, or at very least well separated from students, guests or customers.

If you are not sure what location might work, just ask!

SafePlans will:

Provide class promo email, flyers and social media post with links to a registration page on our web-site

Handle all registrations and billing

Provide all handouts and training materials

Provide the expert trainer or trainers for the event

Prepare a class schedule

Formally recognize your organization

Provide training certificates for participants that complete the course

SafePlans completed some of the nation’s largest preparedness initiatives and our systems are used by thousands of organizations across the nation. Our training is fully in line with current best practices recommended by the: Department of Homeland Security (DHS); Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA); US Department of Education.

There’s an App for That

The Power of 1PLAN and ERIP in the Palms of Your Hand…

Access emergency plans, communicate with team members and response agencies, track drills and complete assessments all from a mobile device. With the ERIP app ERIP is as mobile as you are!


Develop, share, and maintain emergency plans for a single site or multiple locations.


Identify hazards, track drills, and manage compliance with customizable assessments.


Share critical information about your facilities to improve emergency response.


Train the plan with intuitive and interactive training that is available on demand.


Drill scheduling has never been easier. Plus, you can view scheduled, unscheduled, and overdue drills to track compliance!


How much time does it take to integrate 1Plan?

While each district is unique, our goal is to allow the district to customize 1Plan in four hours and each school to complete their 1Plan in just two hours.

Can 1Plan integrate with our district’s existing plans?

Absolutely. The overarching goal of the 1Plan framework is to provide consistency, but it is your 1Plan!

Can 1Plan be applied to larger areas, like a county or state?

Yes! Connecting multiple locations across a large geographic area is where 1Plan and its Emergency Response Information Portal (ERIP) technology excel!

My state has very specific requirements for schools, can 1Plan meet these mandates?

Yes. During 1Plan setup, our team will make certain your 1Plan will meet (or exceed) all mandates. We will even show you how 1Plan and ERIP can automatically track compliance.

We like our plans. Can we use the ERIP technology without 1Plan?

Sure. We know how much work goes into developing emergency plans. We can load your existing plans in ERIP and help take your preparedness program to the next level.

Is your SAFE active shooter defense training available without 1Plan?

Absolutely. We offer a variety of training options all the way from train-the-trainer to just eLearning.

Simplify Your Emergency Preparedness With 1PLAN

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