While law makers are trying to decide what they can do to help make students safe, Rapides Parish Schools are immediately taking steps to improve their preparedness efforts and strengthen their security in all schools. The school board decided to hire SafePlans.

“Any type of emergency plan should be a working document, and you should probably review it on a quarterly basis minimally” says, coordinator of risk management, Roy Rachel. He’s right. It’s imperative to keep up to date, best practice emergency plans on hand.

Roy states, “If you look at the plan (with SafePlans) it’s very comprehensive, it includes a software package (ERIP) for emergency reporting and training”. Roy goes on to explain SafePlans ERIPs system- “site mapping will actually give that information to who ever is on the security matrix, like law enforcement.”

Board member Steve Chapman is pleased to have a fresh set of eyes on the matter and SafePlans is please to welcome aboard Rapides Parish Schools into our family.

Looking for a comprehensive emergency preparedness system for your school or district? Contact us for a brief online demo and discover how SafePlans can help.