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Not if But When: Earthquakes

Tomorrow will mark seventeen years since an earthquake devastated the state of Gujrat (g uu - j uh - r ah t) in Northwestern India. Measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale, the violent shaking of the earth lasted for over two minutes. More the 12,800 people were killed and...

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Mass Shootings and Why Lockdown Fails

The recent shootings in Texas and Las Vegas have tragically illustrated that lockdown (or lock out) is not an effective active shooter response plan. Sadly, most businesses, schools, universities, and places of worship still view a lockdown plan as their only option....

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ASIS Presentation

Please join SafePlans' Brad Spicer for his presentation "How Lockdown Failed Sandy Hook" at the ASIS Conference in Anaheim. When: Monday, September 28th from 10am to 11am Where: Section 108 Summary: Sandy Hook did not fail at lockdown. Lockdown failed Sandy Hook.  The...

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Situational Awareness

Imagine a killer is going to a hospital to carry out a mass shooting. You cannot stop him from going to his target, but you can determine when you observe his presence. When would you want to make this observation?           At the parking lot, or main entrance?...

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